Billy Bob Thornton insists he didn't sleep with Amber Heard amid Johnny Depp drama

Billy Bob Thornton said he never had an affair with Amber Heard, despite an explosive report on Monday that claimed Johnny Depp accused Heard of sleeping with Thornton during a vicious argument.

TMZ reported on Monday that Depp cut his hand during an argument with Heard in March 2015, and the actor then allegedly wrote a message in blood and paint on a mirror that accused Heard of cheating with Thornton. The gossip site posted photos of the mirror and a bloodied hand.

But Thornton told TMZ the allegations are "completely false." He added he had little communication with Heard during the filming of their flick “London Fields.”

Angelina Jolie’s ex told TMZ he has spoken with his wife about the report and assured her it is inaccurate.

Heard and Depp split up in May, with Heard accusing the famed actor of domestic violence. They are in the midst of divorce proceedings.

A leaked video clip, published over the weekend by TMZ, apparently showed Depp in an argument with Heard, banging cupboard doors and screaming, “You want to see crazy? I’ll show you something crazy.”