Big Ang's husband denies they were ever estranged

One month after Angela “Big Ang” Raiola passed away from stage four lung and brain cancer, her husband, Neil Murphy, is setting the record straight on their six-year marriage.

“I was there at the end,” Murphy told Entertainment Tonight. “I never left her side. I went to every procedure, even though she didn’t want me, I went. I was there at the hospital for the last two days with her. I mean, to me, we weren’t ‘estranged.’”

In the “Mob Wives” star’s last public interview with Dr. Oz in early February, she announced that she had split from Murphy. “I felt he never stepped up to the plate, so I was done with it,” she explained. “I feel now it’s too late, bye, I’d rather be myself.”

In light of their troubled marriage, Murphy says he never argued with Big Ang and continued to support her battle to stay alive.

Murphy recalled their last private moment together. “I was lying in bed with her the day before (she died), but she was kind of out of it,” he said. “I was trying to calm her down, so I was just rubbing her back for like an hour trying to put her to sleep. That was the last time we spent together.”

Big Ang died on Feb. 18. She was 55 years old. The late star received a big farewell at a Dyker Heights, Brooklyn church.

When asked what he’ll miss most about his wife, Murphy said he’ll always remember Big Ang “keeping [him] in line” and “yelling” at him.

This article originally appeared in the New York Post's Page Six.