BatDad: Internet sensation says $10 he spent on mask best money he ever spent

You’ve heard of Batman, but have you heard of BatDad? Blake Wilson, AKA BatDad, has become an Internet sensation after creating an alter ego where he wears the super hero’s mask and schools his kids on life’s hard lessons.

FOX411: How did BatDad come to be?

BatDad: There was no thought or planning involved at all.  I was actually out toy shopping with my wife and I saw the mask in an aisle and I picked it up as a joke and bought it, and as soon as we got in the car I started making Vines with it and called myself BatDad. After messing with my family for a couple of weeks things just kind of took off and here we are almost two years later and somehow it’s still going on so it’s been pretty cool. It’s the best $10 I’ve ever spent.

FOX411: Some say your BatDad videos give lessons in parenting.

BatDad: It’s never intended to be a lesson in parenting. I just kind of put them out there and let people interpret them however they want. I know that sometimes it helps parents to give their kids something to do. It’s something they can watch that’s clean. They don’t have to worry about it being bad on the Internet. I hear messages that parents get ideas for stuff to do with their kids. So, there is that aspect to it. It’s not what it was intended to be but whatever people get out of it it’s cool with me.

FOX411: Do you get recognized as BatDad or like Bruce Wayne your real identity is seldom known?

BatDad: Sometimes we do, not as much when it’s just me by myself, because most of the time on the video I wear a mask and without that I look nothing like that of course but if my family is all out together, and people see the kids and my wife and everything kind of comes together and people do recognize us every once and a while. And it’s cool to talk to people who say they really enjoy the videos and it’s always fun to say hello.

FOX411: Will you ever stop doing BatDad like when your kids go to middle school?

BatDad: I always said I would stop when it’s not fun anymore and there have been times in the past couple years where it hasn’t been as fun as it was in the beginning and I’ll take a little break but I seem to keep coming back to it. The cool thing about having a family and kids is that they’re constantly changing and constantly new things are happening in our life and for whatever reason it will just trigger an idea and we’ll just go from there. So, I will keep doing it as long as we feel like it basically.

FOX411: Have any celebs, like, I don’t know, Ben Affleck, Christian Bale or Michael Keaton reached out to you?

BatDad: No, that hasn’t happened. I remember Jessica Biel got a kick out of them, but I haven’t heard from any of the Batmans.