'Bachelor' star Peter Weber on what he learned from Hannah Brown and 'unexpected' Season 24 finale

Turns out, it's not so easy being a bachelor -- or at least "The Bachelor."

Peter Weber, who is currently starring in ABC's hit dating show, recently opened up about his experiences and growth while attending the Television Critics Association (TCA) winter press tour in Pasadena, Calif.

"I definitely feel like I'm much better at communicating," said Weber, 28, of how the show has changed him as a partner. "It was really cool for me to have so many different women with different personalities, and I had to really adjust on the fly and learn how to have them receive what I really intended for them to receive."


However, it's not all roses and sunshine on set for Weber, as he said he had a tough time adjusting to the shooting schedule.

"Being on this side of it, very little sleep, very long nights," he admitted. "It's totally worth it, but dating that many women in only so many hours in a night makes for a very, very long night."

Of course, looming over Weber's season was the windmill scandal that took place in the previous season of "The Bachelorette," in which Weber was caught sleeping with the show's star Hannah Brown in a windmill. The moment has since gone viral and followed both Weber and Brown throughout the show -- though Weber doesn't seem to let it get him down.

"I just have embraced it at this point as part of my story," Weber said. "It was all good fun, but it was important for me to be able to move past it. Have fun in the beginning and then leave it in the past and move forward."


He also said that he learned a lot from Brown, 25, who opened her season with a speech about vulnerability.

"I remember the beginning of [Hannah's] season, that first night, her first speech was all about being vulnerable and open and raw with the guys," he recalled. "And I made that a big theme of mine and I wanted to set that theme early on."

Seeing as to how Weber's entire season has already been taped, including the finale in which the bachelor generally proposes to a contestant, Weber has had to keep tight-lipped about the way the show ended, including keeping a low profile, which he called a "weird" experience.

"It's kind of cool having this secret that no one knows," Weber said. "I don't want to have it, I wish everyone could know about it."

That could be in part because Weber feels his final week on the show will be one that will stand out to him forever.

Peter Weber

Peter Weber (ABC/Maarten de Boer)

"I had the most beautiful experience but one of the hardest of my entire life," he said. "That last week was the hardest week of my entire life."

Similarly, Weber said the finale of his season is one that will stand out for viewers, as well, echoing that what happens hasn't been seen before on the show.

"I had the most beautiful experience but one of the hardest of my entire life."

— Peter Weber on taping the final week 

"It literally doesn't stop until the very last second," the reality star teased. "[There's] a lot of unexpected stuff that you guys couldn't predict."

Weber then confessed: "I didn't expect what happened to happen."


While Weber didn't reveal any spoilers about how the show will play out, he did say that there will be a lot of traveling.

"Some of the places got me in touch with my roots, some were places that I truly always wanted to see, they were like bucket list items," he shared. "Great travel places."