Australia's 'Top Model' judge hospitalized after suicide attempt following Twitter abuse

Trolling victim Charlotte Dawson has told of how a hate campaign on Twitter got the better of her and landed her in hospital.

Speaking for the first time about the torrent of abuse she received on Twitter last Wednesday night, the 46-year-old TV presenter told Australia's "60 Minutes" : "I've never had death threats of this ferocity. I've never had a campaign of this ferocity.''

Dawson was admitted to hospital after she was targeted by a stream of abusive death threats on Twitter, including taunts to "stick your head in a toaster'' and "kill yourself''.

After spending hours fending off the insults, Dawson signed off with the disturbing message "you win x'' along with a picture of a hand holding pills at 2.07am.

Just after 3am, an ambulance arrived at her home and took her to Sydney's St Vincent's Hospital.

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    Dawson said it was the relentless and vicious messages that finally broke her.

    "It just triggered that feeling of helplessness when the trolls got to me,'' Dawson said. "They got the better of me and they won.''

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