Attorney: Jesse James Could Lose Daughter If Sandra Bullock Leaves Him

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Although rumors have been swirling this week that Sandra Bullock is meeting with divorce lawyers, a claim her rep denies, it seems the her husband Jesse James might lose more than just his Academy Award-winning wife. On Tuesday James’s ex, porn star Janine Lindemulder, filed legal papers to regain custody of their six-year-old daughter, Sunny.

James and Bullock have full custody of Sunny since Lindemulder has been living in a halfway house after being jailed for tax evasion.

According to Californian Family Law attorney Lisa Helfend Meyer, Lindemulder now has a strong case in the wake of James’s alleged infidelity.

“This definitely raises concerns about Jesse and how all of this could impact his parenting, whether he was spending enough time with his daughter (throughout the apparent affair) and gives Janine a foot in the door to fight for custody,” Meyer said. “The court may appoint a minor counsel for the child and the judge would need to take a second look and see what is going on under the surface.”

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Meyer also said that Bullock leaving James would further strengthen Lindemulder’s custody bid.

“Sandra gave Jesse his stability and made him look like the stable one where Janine appeared to be instable. But without Sandra, he looks flakey,” Meyer added. “The perfect picture is crumbling.”

A source close to Lindemulder also told Tarts that in spite of her financial and legal circumstances, the adult star is an extremely good mother and that James “doesn’t care” about parenthood and pushed for custody due to the bond between Bullock and Sunny. We’re also told that the 45-year-old starlet had problems conceiving and is desperate to be a mother, which may have prominently influenced James’s push for custody.

However, a rep for Bullock told us that such a claim was “categorically false” and a rep for James did not respond for comment.