'Army Wives' stars talk struggles of real-life army wives

Former Lifetime stars Kim Delaney and Brigid Brannagh learned a lot from their time on the long-running series “Army Wives.”

The actresses spoke to FOX411 about what makes a real army wife strong.

“They are so many things to make an army wife strong,” Brannagh explained. “I think the first thing is they are so courageous and patient. Doing something that is so difficult — like raising your family on your own, uprooting and moving and also dealing with all of the worry about possibly losing your spouse — all of that takes incredible patience, will and courage.”

Delaney echoed her friend and cast member’s feelings. She also said she worries that army wives today get very little credit.

“They keep everything together when their partners are serving us. I don’t think any of the Vets wives or our Vets are getting enough credit ever.”

Brannagh agreed that real-life army wives have one of the hardest jobs out there.

“They do it all without any fanfare; no one is applauding them and no one is saying thank you for your service and yet they are doing all of these things behind the scenes constantly that don’t get applauded that should be.”

Lifetime cancelled “Army Wives” in 2013. The show, which was on the air for seven seasons, was the network’s longest-running original scripted series. “Army Wives’” sixth season brought in 3.2 million viewers however the seventh season dropped to 2.5 million viewers.

The former stars of “Army Wives” reunited in Los Angeles on Monday for a screening of the documentary “Searching for Home: Coming Back From War.”