'American Idol': Lazaro Arbos sent home, making 'Idol' history

Before "American Idol's" results show Thursday, the question on everyone's minds was whether Lazaro Arbos would survive another week or whether the show would have its first-ever all-female Top 5 heading into the final weeks.

After a group performance of a Burt Bacharach/Hal David medley that did little more than highlight Lazaro's shortcomings among the talented field of ladies, Jimmy Iovine offered his always-colorful commentary on Wednesday's performances. Iovine was not as impressed with Angie Miller and Kree Harrison as the judges had been, and said Lazaro's rendition of "Close to You" hit him "like an Ambien milkshake." Lazaro shrugged off the commentary with a nonchalance that bordered on arrogance. (Please, "Idol" gods, put this kid out of his misery and let him go home tonight!!)

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With "The Following's" Kevin Bacon in the audience, the star-studded show also featured performances from Idol alums Scotty McCreery and Kelly Clarkson — who was adorably starstruck in front of judge Mariah Carey and said she would have "vomited on the stage" if she would have had to audition in front of her.

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With that out of the way, host Ryan Seacrest revealed the results. The top two: Kree and Candice Glover (good job, America!). Safe: Angie and Janelle Arthur. Bottom two: Lazaro and Amber Holcomb.

So who was singing for the judges' save? (Keep in mind, this was the last week they could have used it.)

Lazaro, who opted for Nina Simone's "Feeling Good" for his Save Me song. And even though it was his best performance in weeks, the judges still decided against using their save. A wise choice, seeing as how after last night's criticisms, it would have looked totally hypocritical — not to mention misplaced.