Alison Sweeney: Why I left 'Days of Our Lives' after 21 years

Alison Sweeney's new book, "Scared Scriptless" takes place in where else? Hollywood. The 37-year-old actress has been going through some big changes lately. She recently left "Days of Our Lives," where for more than two decades she played Sami Brady. She spoke to FOX411 about her book, leaving the soap and being married to a cop.

FOX411: How did you come up with the idea for this book?
Sweeney: I love working in Hollywood. It just seemed so fun to expose it, pull the curtain back and talk about the amazing crews that we work with, how fun it is and how exciting their lives are. The story is about a script supervisor who has her own ambitions but feels a little bit trapped in her life and is encouraged by her friends and family to take a leap and try something new and challenge herself in her life and career.

FOX411: Did you include any crazy stories you've heard about in the book?
Sweeney: Absolutely. There are so many stories that happen behind the scenes in Hollywood that you say, “That's so outrageous it can't be real.” There are some that I included.

FOX411: So does it bug you when you see co-stars acting entitled?
It's a tough thing. I see a lot of actors work so hard and then you see other actors who you feel maybe didn't earn it the hard way or come up through the ranks and they have this entitled behavior that is nonsensical. I'm often the person standing with the crew looking around like, “How did that happen?”

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FOX411: You were on "Days of Our Lives" for 21 years. Did you leave of your own accord?
Sweeney: It was my decision. In fact, they asked what they could do to keep me. I said, “I just need to do new things and challenge myself in different ways.” I loved playing Sami for 21 years. It was an amazing experience but I really wanted to stretch out in different ways like writing and seeing what other roles are out there and being at home more, taking my kids to school. My son is 9, and my daughter is 5.

FOX411: How much did you cry on the last day?
Sweeney: My face was red and blotchy almost all day. It was very, very emotional and they threw me this huge goodbye. My kids and husband came.

FOX411: Was it weird walking out the door for the last time?
Sweeney: Yeah I took a picture of my parking spot. I live pretty close to the studio so I drive by occasionally, and it's hard to drive by. I think it won't sink in for a couple of months.

FOX411: You host “The Biggest Loser.” What did you think of Rachel Frederickson's appearance?
Sweeney: At the end of the day I'm really proud of the way the show is ultimately about helping people change their whole lives and what people saw that night was a snapshot. It doesn't always mean it's the end of the journey for her. She looks fantastic now and she's found a place that she's comfortable at and healthy at.

FOX411: Your husband is a cop. That must be a reality check at the end of the day.
Sweeney: We have very different jobs and yes it helps me absolutely to come home at night and have a nice frame of reference for what I do. As fun and exciting and rewarding as it is, it's not on the same level in my opinion as a teacher or cop or fireman or first responder who is out there making a difference. I'm proud to know that I made someone laugh or cry or helped them escape from their real world but my husband is making a difference. It makes me really proud.

When I get home at night I don't talk about work. It's just a break from being in Hollywood. I get to come home and be a mom and wife and not an actress.

FOX411: Do you feel like soaps are being taken over by reality TV shows like "Housewives?”
Sweeney: Yeah they certainly are their own version of a soap, but so is “Grey's Anatomy” and “Scandal” at the heart of it. We're dealing with a new age of finances and finding a way to fight through the budget cuts and stay alive. The good news is “Days” has found a model that works for NBC.