Alessandra Ambrosio's Beaded Corset and Strip House's Charbroiled Filet Mignon

Here's what everybody won't stop talking about:

Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio stuffed herself into a tiny top made of beads and a diaphanous sarong (below) at a Schutz Footwear event during New York Fashion Week, thus ensuring that no one would look at the shoes she was there to promote.

NYC's famed Strip House serves up one helluva filet mignon — and now you can too. In the video above, executive chef Michael Vignola let us in on the secret for preparing this mouthwatering hunk of meat, and gives a few tips for emulating his technique in a home kitchen.

On Thursday, "Mistresses" actress Alyssa Milano gave birth to a baby girl named Elizabella, which we could have sworn was already the name of a Disney princess. Alas, it is not.

Scarlett Johansson, too, gave birth on Thursday, and also to a baby girl. She and fiance Romain Dauriac gave their new daughter the relatively normal name of Rose, presumably after hearing about the crazy couple in the next room over who just named their kid "Elizabella."

Comedian, television personality and fashion police-woman Joan Rivers passed away on Thursday afternoon at the age of 81.

Katie Holmes got a temporary neck tattoo applied at New York Fashion Week, but it was really more of a gold sticker. In any case, she immediately covered it up with her hair.

James Franco completely shaved his head for a role in a new movie called "Zeroville," which, from the looks of him, is presumably about the life and times of the Monopoly guy's rough-and-tumble brother in the Hell's Angels.

Steve-O, of "Jackass" and "Wildboyz" fame, recently defaced a highway sign to read "Sea World Sucks," and now might face charges of vandalism and trespassing. Prison time and fines, however, will be ineffective deterrents for a man who once bungee jumped inside an overflowing Porta-Potty.

Angelina Jolie told People magazine that she and Brad's children wrote the marriage vows they exchanged on the day of their wedding, though she and Brad presumably removed all references to Transformers or "Dora the Explorer" beforehand.

Carrie Underwood's 2012 song "Two Black Cadillacs" is somehow becoming a six-hour miniseries for Fox, and will reportedly center on a Southern love triangle that eventually turns deadly. Probably because somebody steals one of those black Cadillacs, we reckon.

An art gallery in Florida is planning to display the leaked nudes of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton. They say it's a commentary on "the ongoing debate of privacy in the digital era," but we call it "a clever way to subvert the law and look at naked celebrities."

Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea released a short trailer for their upcoming music video for "Booty" (below), and it looks to be about the objectification of females in the entertainment industry. Just kidding! It's about butts. Lopez's and Azaleas, specifically:

Kim Kardashian hinted in British GQ that she may have made another sex tape, this time with Kanye West. But if she did or didn't, Kim says it's "never something [she] want[s] to go public," which is disappointing considering that a sex tape is what she's known for. It's like when a great comedic actor starts doing drama.

And finally, Taco Bell is reportedly gearing up to release a new breakfast taco served entirely inside a taco-shaped biscuit, because there's only so long that we, as consumers, can remain intrigued by the novelty of their soggy waffle tacos.