Aaron Lewis talks hecklers, supporting the troops and new album 'State I'm In'

Aaron Lewis is eager to get back on the road with his new record, "State I'm In" — especially if it means performing for the troops, which he says is an honor.

"I hope that they're getting a sense that they're special enough for me to come and play for them," Lewis, 46, told Fox News. "It's not about me in any way, shape or form. It's 100 percent about them in that situation. It's the least I can do to give back. Their sacrifice is huge."

In fact, one of Lewis' all-time favorite touring destinations is at a military base overseas.


"I've been lucky enough to go to an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean called Diego Garcia. The whole thing is a military base — that's the only thing that's on there, there's no tourism," he said. "There's no way in or out unless it's on a military plane. I've never seen anything like it. It was the truest representation of paradise that I've ever seen. It was unbelievable — the fishing, it was 500 square miles of protected waters."

Not all performances, however, are so much magical.

The "God & Guns" singer wanted to clear the air on viral videos that showed him scolding his crowds and walking offstage.

"It was written up that I left the stage early and threw my drink at the crowd and yelled some [expletives] at them. The fact of the matter was that my contract is 75 minutes. That's what I'm contracted to play for. That was well over two hours into my set and my fourth encore song," he told us. "I'd spent 10 minutes trying to play that last song for a bunch of people that had forgotten what they came to the show for, which was to watch and see some music. I'd already put more than well over two hours of my time and effort into performing for these people that didn't seem to want to hear another song, so I didn't play the song."

"It's extremely frustrating," he said. "You're onstage, and all these emotions — everything is welling up inside you and, you know, it happens. You find yourself with the thoughts going through your head of, 'What did all these people pay all this money for a ticket for?' You know, you could have stayed at home and had this conversation across your kitchen table. I don't understand it."


Lewis' "State I'm In" tour kicks off this week — so please, if you can, keep it down.