$10 Million Lawsuit Against Jennifer Lopez Dropped

Don’t mess with Jenny from the block - especially when there is $10 million at stake.

In a decision Monday, a judge dropped a $10 million lawsuit against Jennifer Lopez.

The suit was filed two years ago by a business partner of the singer's first husband, Ojani Noa, and was part of an ongoing legal battle between JLo and her ex over privacy issues. .

Claudia Vazquez, who was working on a movie about JLo with Noa, had sued Lopez after the singer tried to quash the Telemundo film, named I Owe JLo. JLo had sent Vasquez, who produced the film, Noa and business partner Ed Meyer a cease-and-desist letter to try and stop the film, according to E! Online.

Vazquez sued Lopez for $10 million for “tortuous interference” with the production of the movie, claiming Lopez’s actions had made the film “unmarketable.”

Vazquez said the film would be a "comedic parody of Noa's life crafted almost entirely from the material that is already in the public domain."

Before the suit, Lopez had taken legal action against Noa and Meyer for $10 million for their first film attempt, How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The JLO and Ojani Noa Story.

Noa's intention was to release the movie drawn from “11+ hours of previously unseen home video footage” of the couple during their happier married days. Lopez claimed the film was in violation of a previously signed confidentiality agreement.

In her lawsuit, Lopez was able to obtain an injunction to stop production of the first film because it was a violation of publicity rights and an invasion of privacy.

Meanwhile, Vazquez was working on I Owe JLo, and the producer claimed the legal threats surrounding both films were grounds for a suit of her own.

The film went nowhere.

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