The World Cup

The World Cup, otherwise known as the FIFA World Cup, is an international football competition that occurs every four years and is hosted in a different country each season. The competition includes the senior men's national teams for all the members of FIFA representing their respective nations. Currently, the 2022 World Cup is hosted in the capital city of Doha. Most notably, Qatar decided to prohibit the sale and drinking of alcohol at this year's World Cup. The reigning champions from the 2018 tournament in Moscow are France, who took home their second title four years ago. Since 1930 when the tournament was founded, it has been hosted every period except in 1942 and 1946 due to the devastation caused at the time by LINK ANCHOR TEXT World War Two.

The tournament will take place this year from November 20th until December 18th. Previously a qualification phase determined the current lineup of 32 teams competing in the tournament phase. The nation that hosts the event automatically has its team qualify for the World Cup. This year, the 32 teams will compete in eight different groups, with the winners of those groups moving on to the finals.

Since the World Cup was established, a total of 79 national teams have competed in the tournament, with eight national teams winning the grand prize. Brazil has won five times while being able to qualify for every tournament. Both Germany and Italy are tied for the second most wins at four titles, while France, Uruguay, and Argentina each fo have two World Cup wins. England and Spain both have one title as of 2022.

The World Cup is widely considered the most-watched sporting event in the world and the most prestigious tournament in the international sport of Football. Over the years, seventeen different countries have hosted the FIFA tournament, including Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, and the United States.