Florida motorcyclist searches for good Samaritans who helped save his life

A Florida motorcyclist is searching for two “courageous” good Samaritans he said saved his life after a near-death accident that left his leg mangled.

Richard Malas, 48, recalled the frightening event after a car slammed into him while he was riding his motorcycle at an intersection in New Port Richey, Florida in early May.

“I remember coming over the bike. I remember landing on my head and flipping on my side and my leg flipped up, hit me in the face and didn’t go back down on its own,” Malas told Fox 13. “I remember screaming, ‘My leg it’s broke! It’s broke!’”


Richard Malas was hit by a car while riding his motorcycle in early May.  (Fox 13 Tampa Bay)

Malas said he remembered blacking out and then suddenly hearing two voices.

“They were screaming, ‘Give me a belt! Give me a belt!’”

Two days later, Malas woke up in a hospital with most of his leg removed but doctors said had the two unidentified good Samaritans not fashioned a tourniquet with a belt, he would have likely bled out and died.

malas wife

Malas and his wife would like to meet the good Samaritans who stopped to help save his life after the accident.  (Fox 13 Tampa Bay)

“They’re courageous, great people,” he told Fox 13. “Most of them would have just been onlookers and left me laying there on the ground.”

Malas added, he would like to meet his heroes to say thanks in person.

“Without them I wouldn’t be here today.”