September 11

California professor reportedly rips down Sept. 11 memorial posters

Students at a southern California community college say campus leaders canceled a Sept. 11 memorial and a professor tore down "Never Forget" remembrance posters.

A conservative group of students at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo released video footage Thursday of a history professor ripping down posters with images showing various terrorists acts and the words “Never Forget," according to the College Fix. 

The video shows history professor Margot Lovett telling the students -- who are members of the Young Americans for Freedom group -- that they did not have permission to hang the posters.

Lovett, who is chairwoman of the history department, reportedly endorsed a statement in 2001 blaming U.S. imperialism for the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Lovett moved to remove the posters after campus leaders tried to shut down the student group's previously approved 9/11 memorial, the website reported.

Kyle Chiu, a 21-year-old junior and the Young Americans for Freedom chapter’s vice chair, told The College Fix that school officials would not grant the club active status because they wanted to change some parts of the group’s bylaws.

On Friday, the school released a statement that read in part: "Saddleback College supports student clubs and their right to organize and exercise their freedom of speech. At the beginning of each academic year, in order to organize meetings and hold events, student clubs must go through an activation process that includes an orientation, the establishment of a club constitution and by-laws, and the appointment of a faculty adviser.

"As of today the students have not completed the requirements to form a club," the statement said.

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