The moral of the story: Never steal from a soldier.

A 20-year Army veteran whose 2002 Ford F-350 truck was stolen on Thursday morning from his Texas home served public notice to the crook, writing a message on a 4x8 plywood board that the thief messed with the wrong soldier.

“To: The worthless dirtbag that took my truck,” James Huff’s sign reads. “I gave 20 years of my life serving in 3 armed conflicts to protect YOUR freedom.”

Huff adds: “I hope your mother sees this so she knows YOU STOLE FROM A SOLDIER.”

Rowlett police told FOX4 they have no leads, but older-model trucks, such as Huff’s, are popular with thieves in the area. Huff said he only has liability insurance on the truck, which does not cover theft.

“How can you hold your head up high and look at your family square in the eye? How do you sleep at night?” Huff said on FOX4, speaking to the thief. “I sleep well knowing I work hard and earn what I have.”

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