Florida Good Samaritan Creates Hundreds of Hats for Kids

Children at Blake Academy in Lakeland, Florida are going to stay warm this school year, and it's all thanks to a Good Samaritan. She gave every single kindergarten and first grader a hat she crocheted herself, MyFoxTampaBay reported Friday.

Marian Myers spends every free moment crocheting.

"Every time I take a a rest, I pick up a crochet needle and a hat," Myers told MyFoxTampaBay.

Myers' hats are bright and multi-colored so that drivers can see the kids as they walk to school.

This past year, Myers created more than 800 hats. Besides the ones that she donated to Blake Academy, Myers has gifted her handmade hats to kids at three other Florida schools.

Myers was thrilled to be presented with a thank you from the kids, a basket of yarn, and even a photo of the children wearing her hats.

Initially, Myers purchased the crocheting supplies herself, but now that it has become so popular, she relies on donations.

She was asked how much longer she would continue making her handmade hats.

"Until he says he is satisfied," she said.

"Who is he?" MyFoxTampaBay asked.

"The Lord," Myers responded.

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