The Battle of Midway

  • 0529091422_M_01_350.jpg
    File: George Gay in hospital

    National Archives
  • 0529091422_M_02_350.jpg
    File: George Gay

    U.S. Navy
  • 0529091422_M_03_450.jpg
    File: Torpedo Squadron 8

    U.S. Navy
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    File: George Gay (left), 1942

    U.S. Navy
  • 0529091422_M_05_450.jpg
    File: Hiryu burning, 5 June 1942

    U.S. Navy
  • 0529091422_M_06_450.jpg
    File: USS Yorktown

    U.S. Navy
  • 0529091422_M_07_450.jpg
    File: Avenger at Midway

    U.S. Navy
  • 0529091422_M_08_450.jpg
    File: Midway diorama

    U.S. Navy