'Real Housewives' Are Really Clueless

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    'NYC HOUSEWIFE' ALEX MCCORD. "It's really important that those of us who are still employed and do still make the same amount of money take a deep breath. It's important to go out to dinner still."

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    'NYC HOUSEWIFE' BETHENNY FRANKEL. "I want to buy an apartment and now is the time to do it because everything is on sale! I'm getting my book deal and a TV deal at the best time! Now is a great time for me!" What would Bethenny most hate to give up? "Oh my god, facials at Christine Shin. Facials at Christine Shin are expensive and necessary. It's microdermabrasion and a facial in one, I think it's around $350, once a month. It's really good for your skin and if I gave that up then my pores will be clogged and my skin would be dry!"

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    'NYC HOUSEWIFE' COUNTESS LUANN DE LESSEPS. "I am going to more charity events, which is great. There are all these charity galas to go to. I've noticed that the auction items arent flying off the way they were before. There are less other parties though. It doesn't directly affect our lives." What would the Countess hate to give up? "I would miss buying my tiaras."

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    'NYC HOUSEWIFE' RAMONA SINGER: "What was hard was giving up my live-in maid five days a week. My daughter said, do we really need somebody? So I cut back, and I just hired somebody for two days. And you know, it kind of brought our family together. We cook together more as a family. Normally when the housekeeper was there cooking for us, my husband would be off with the paper and I would be on the phone with my friends and the kids were doing homework. I do have the woman make one extra dinner for us though, and one or two nights we do order in, and a lot of times we will go out."

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    'THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER' PATTI STANGER. "Let me tell you I am not suffering in this economy. My guys thought through the figures, they cashed in their chips, they knew the market recession. We're suffering because of these people that are overextending themselves, who bought houses they cannot afford, and I don't feel sorry for those people." What would you ahte to give up? "Clothes! I'm a fashionista! Kill me now but don't take away my clothes! I buy a dress and wear it once because I wear it on the red carpet. I just can't wear it again. But I buy it. I'm not Angelina Jolie where they give it to me for free. I have my budget every month and I go over it every month. I spend probably $4,000 a month in clothes and I know that I should be spending $1,000. I need to hook up with a designer and get it free. Maybe I should just make my own line. It would have shapewear built in and use really nice fabrics."

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    'NYC HOUSEWIFE' JILL ZARIN. "These people need to keep working to make money. You can't keep spending money if you aren't making money. But my job is too spend money to help the economy. These people might need to take two jobs instead of one job, they have to take jobs they don't want, they might have to move to another state, but if that is your position you do it. Don't go on welfare and food stamps unless you absolutely have to. There are jobs you might not want to do but you have to do it." Who dio you blame for the state of the economy? "I'm mad at people who took advantage of ignorant people, the investment bankers who said they could do all these things. I don't blame ignorant people. They're ignorant!" What are you doing to help? "I have to work on being more sensitive."

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