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Fast Food

Wendy's recruits 'Karate Kid' star for hilarious new pulled pork campaign


Three 90's legends light up the small screen in a new fast food commercial. (YouTube Wendy's screenshot)

Wendy's is using 80s stars to rid America of the affliction known as “BBQ inaccessibility.”

Alfonso Ribeiro, best known as Carlton from "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air," Ralph Maccio, aka "The Karate Kid," and former WWE fighter Stone Cold Steve Austin are pushing pulled pork for the fast food chain in a clever ad dressed up as a cause campaign.

It shows Ribeiro--who's identified as "Trusted Celebrity" -- lamenting the fact that many Americans can't get great barbecue. 

Macchio --who's identified "Marital Artist of Sorts"--and still looks like he hasn't aged (the man is 52 people!)--somberly claims that BBQ inaccessibility “is a thing. I have experienced life in one of these obscure outlying territories. A place called New York City.”

Wendy’s tongue-in-check ad promotes its brand new barbecue menu items including a BBQ Pulled Pork topped Hamburger and fries topped with the sauced up meat.

Have a look and a giggle.