Jana Kramer 'actively fighting' for marriage

Jana Kramer is setting the record straight about her marriage.

The country star opened up on a podcast earlier week this revealing that she and her husband Mike Caussin are still together despite reports that they separated last year according to US Weekly.

The former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant said, "Since then, I haven’t made a statement because, like, I’m just focusing on our family and trying to figure it out. Because what I say is it’s day-by-day. So we’re not divorced, he’s not my estranged husband, he’s very much in my life. He is my husband, like legally he is my husband. I have a ring on my finger. We’re actively working on it.”

The 33-year-old mother explained why she had to address the separation rumors initially.

"Like basically, I was on Chelsea Handler — I’ll never forget this — and then they found out about everything that happened. And so my publicist was like, ‘We really need to make a statement.’ They pulled me back in the greenroom and I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is the worst moment of my life right now.’ Cause I was going to try to keep it a secret, because I really didn’t want things coming out in that way for my daughter to see. And we made a statement saying basically just we were separated trying to figure out things.”

As far as Kramer's commitment to the marriage, the mother says she takes it a day at a time.

"It’s hard, like everyday — some days I’m like, ‘I can’t do this.’ Like, ‘I physically can’t do this.’ But other days I’m like, ‘No, fight for it. It’s for our family.’ Cause I’ve given up so easily in the past before, so I really want to sit in the trenches and fight for it,” she affirmed. “But I don’t… Tomorrow, I have a totally different answer for you. Does that make sense? But he’s working really hard and we both love our little girl. And at the end of the day, no matter what, we’ll be amazing parents to our daughter.”

Kramer and Caussin married in 2015 and welcomed their daughter in 2016.