Katie Price, 39, flaunts new facelift: 'I'm preventing aging'

At age 39, Katie Price is proudly flaunting a “brand new face.”

The British reality TV star and model posted a video on Twitter Monday where she unveiled her latest cosmetic procedure.

“Hi guys, I just want to let you know I had a facelift last Friday, this is five days after. That’s right — a facelift,” she said. “I know you all think I’m mad, I am mad, but I’m preventing aging.”

The mother of five also took to Instagram where she shared a snap of her plumped-up lips.

Price isn’t shy about going under the knife. In 2016, The Telegraph reported she’s had “endless boob jobs and reductions,” among other surgeries.

“Because I’m so honest I’ve had Botox, filler in my lips and boobs done, people think it’s all cosmetic,” she told the UK-based publication. “But Botox isn’t really. I actually need Botox pretty bad — I haven’t had it for ages. I’ll have it done next week.”

That same year, Price also told FEMAIL she’s had seven breast enhancement operations, veneers, and a nose job.

“My views on plastic surgery are the same as they have always been: Do what you feel is right for you,” she said. “I wouldn’t rule out any treatment, if it felt right and I thought I needed it. I hope when I’m 90 you’ll only be able to tell my real age by my knees and feet!”