Alex Trebek makes fun of Jeopardy contestant's music preference

The 'Red Eye' panel debates game show host's 'loser' joke


Alex Trebek had harsh words for one "Jeopardy" contestant on Wednesday night's episode.

The TV show host couldn't help but make a snide remark when librarian Susan Cole described her favorite genre of music: Nerdcore.

"[Nerdcore is] rapping about the things [nerds] love," the legislative librarian from Bowie, Maryland told Trebek. "Video games, science-fiction, having a hard time meeting romantic partners. It's really catchy and fun."

Trebek wasted no time firing back, "Losers, in other words."

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Cole responded with a laugh, seeming slightly flustered.

"I'm teasing you," Trebek said before moving on.

Cole, however, got the last laugh. She beat out the competition and walked away with $22,600.

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