'The Bachelorette' breaks hearts with her sex confession

Reality TV mics pick up EVERYTHING


“The Bachelorette” rattled more than just headboards on Monday night.

After keeping several of her remaining suitors in the dark following her intimate (now infamous) romp with Nick Viall, Kaitlyn Bristowe is finally ready to kiss and tell.

Before dishing out the final three roses on Monday night’s episode, the Canadian beauty and personal trainer Shawn got cozy in an Irish pub. As the two cuddled by the fire, Kaitlyn downs enough liquid courage to come clean to the Calvin Harris look-alike.

“It’s hard for me to admit it, but we had sex,” a solemn Kaitlyn confesses to a stone-faced Shawn. “That night we went back to my place, I just feel like it went too far.”

As the pair sit in silence for what may be the longest 20 seconds in reality TV history, Shawn collects himself enough to ask Kaitlyn if she regrets it. And instead of answering with a simple “yes,” the blue-eyed charmer attempts to tug — or, rather, pull — on his heartstrings by making their relationship her primary concern.

“I felt guilt. I didn’t expect it to happen,” she explains. “When I woke up the next morning, I couldn’t stop thinking about what it might do to our relationship.”

Needing to clear his head (and bladder), Shawn beelines for the nearest camera-free restroom to digest the information. When he finally reappears, the Connecticut-based trainer thanks Kaitlyn for her honesty and says the situation with Nick is something that he’ll have to deal with.

But as Kaitlyn soon finds out, actions speak louder than words — in Shawn’s universe, at least. Before accepting the first of the final three roses, he pulls Ms. Bristowe aside and chastises her for sleeping with Nick after telling him he was “The One.”

“I think I am here to explore other relationships, because at the end of this I will never explore another relationship,” Kaitlyn says. “Telling you that you were ‘The One’ halfway through this was a mistake.”


Despite the shocking omission from the love of his life, Shawn opts to stick around for one more round — much to the dismay of his nemesis, Nick.

Though Nick gets the last laugh after scoring the first overnight date in a non-cell-like fantasy suite, Shawn won’t go down without a fight. In fact, he crashes Nick’s hotel room and confronts the Chicago-based sales exec over his “intentions.”

Will Nick and Shawn resolve their issues next week? Please. This is the most dramatic showdown of the season — and it’s just getting started.

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