Danny Trejo plays Marcia Brady in Snickers spot, but always had crush on her mom

Danny Trejo talks about always being cast as the tough guy and his movie stunts.


"Bad Ass" movie star Danny Trejo has taken on his most surprising role yet ... as Marcia Brady. 

“Every time I get interviewed, people ask me what’s the hardest role I’ve ever played. Now it’s Marcia Brady,” Trejo told FOX411.

The actor plays a reimagined version of the iconic blonde teenager, wielding an axe and a leather vest in Snickers' new Super Bowl commercial. Trejo, 70, recounted how his agent broached the subject of said commercial.

“They called my agent. She said we might have a Super Bowl commercial for Snickers and you’ll be playing Marcia Brady and I said, ‘Huh?'”

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Confusion aside, Trejo, a fan of the sweet treat, jumped at the chance partly because of his childhood crush on Mrs. Brady.

“I had a crush Florence Henderson when I was younger," Trejo said. "I would love to meet Marcia but I would prefer mom."

His real-life friend Steve Buscemi takes on the part of Jan Brady in the spot.

“I didn’t even know Steve Buscemi was in it until I get there," he said. "It was so hush-hush.”

As for whether Buscemi had any Jan-like jealousy over Trejo getting the spotlight as the favorite Brady sister, Trejo attributes his good fortune to one thing, and it wasn’t his axe.

“I have really nice hair. I think that’s why I got the part.”

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