Sheri Moon Zombie has starred in a bunch of her rock star husband Rob Zombie’s horror films, including  “Halloween” and “Lords of Salem.” She's also slated to star in his next movie, “31,” which is currently being crowd-funded. We talked to her, because its Halloween!

FOX411: What is it like to be today's reigning scream queen?

Sheri Moon Zombie: Didn’t know I was the reigning scream queen. It’s really cool. I work and do my thing and people seem to like the characters Rob writes for me. The coolest thing is seeing fans dress up as your characters and tattoos of your characters.  It’s extreme but it shows how dedicated the fans are.

FOX411: Who's your favorite scream queen?

Zombie:  Jamie Lee Curtis is the most popular scream queen from the "Halloween" franchise. She stands out in my mind. I like her. 

FOX411: What's your favorite character that you have played so far?

Zombie:  I love the character that is the last I’ve portrayed. “Heidi”  from  “Lords of Salem.” People want me to say “Baby” because that’s the most popular character for sure.

FOX411: Do you like the title "scream queen"or do you think it’s haunts you? Get it? Haunts?

Zombie: I don’t feel that it haunts me. It doesn’t paint my day to day life. It’s cool to stand out in any way in any field that you work in. I don’t mind pigeon-holed. For actors you’re lucky if you can get any work so if you keep getting work in any genre.

FOX411: You’ve starred in your husband’s movies. Any problems doing that?

Zombie:  It’s never been a problem. Before I started acting, I was dancing on stage during his tour and helping with wardrobe. We share in everything that we do. We don’t have any conflicts per se while working on a film set. 

FOX411: What’s your secret to a successful Hollywood meets rock star relationship?

Zombie: We’re going on 22 years early next year. It’s like any other relationship if you want it to work you make it work. You go through the ups and downs. We want to be with each other.

FOX411: When you’re not making movies or on tour, what do you enjoy doing in your downtime?

Zombie: I have a new vegan blog “Eat Me.” It’s how I eat vegan at home and on the road. I organic garden. It’s fun and it’s a creative thing for you. I eat whatever I want but I only eat healthy food. I have cookies and chips but my meals are organic. I eat everything that I grow from my garden. As soon as I cut out cheese over the course of a few months I lost seven pounds. 

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