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10 Things You Didn't Know About 'Gilligan's Island'


 (Yes, we know that's not the original Ginger. See #8. (Photo credit: Associated Press))

As anyone who's ever been on a three-hour boat ride can tell you, it gets pretty insufferable by the end. People are hungry, cranky and seasick, and all of them are trying like heck to avoid using the on-board bathroom.

That makes it all the more impressive that we, as viewers, managed to stomach an entire three seasons of "Gilligan's Island" (and to a lesser extent, its three made-for-TV movies). Ever since it premiered 50 years ago on September 26, 1964, we just couldn't get enough of those seven castaways, and that's despite our overwhelming frustration at their refusal to just build a darn boat already.

Then again, it's probably better they didn't get off that island. Otherwise, we'd never have all the fun little "Gilligan's Island" trivia tidbits below, each of which proves to be more interesting than a chartered boat tour, or that same boat's deplorable bathroom facilities.

* * *

#1. During the show's development, CBS chief of programming Jim Aubrey wasn't convinced that viewers would want to see the same seven castaways on the same deserted island week after week. When "Gilligan's Island" creator Sherwood Schwartz brushed off Aubrey's suggestions to change the show's premise and name (to "Gilligan's Travels"), Aubrey created his own series called his character's first name whenever the subject was brought up.