Will Children of Unmarried Dads Get Citizenship?

Does the baby of an unmarried couple, one a U.S. citizen and one not, get citizenship? Only if it's the mother who's the citizen, says a 70-year-old law.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court heard arguments in a case that revolves around this law, under which children of unwed fathers who are citizens face higher hurdles in claiming citizenship for themselves.

The court seems troubled by a U.S. citizenship law that treats men and women differently. But it still appears unlikely to help a Mexican-born man who says he should be declared an American.

Ruben Flores-Villar, born in Mexico but raised by his father in San Diego, is appealing a criminal conviction for violating immigration law. U.S. authorities have previously denied his claim to U.S. citizenship.

Based on reporting by The Associated Press.

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