UK-bound refugees jump into truck occupied by polar bear

A group of migrants looking for a future in the UK got a surprise when they jumped into a lorry already occupied by a polar bear.

The bear, called Nissan, was in the back of the vehicle outside the French port of Calais when a group of migrants broke open the back door and three of them jumped in.

Nissan, who fortunately was in his cage at the time, was himself on the final leg of a journey from Eastern Europe to what is hoped will be a better life at Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster.

He had been flown from Moscow Zoo by plane earlier in the week but the second part of his trip to the UK was by road from Frankfurt in Germany.

A Yorkshire Wildlife Park spokesman said the migrants had jumped into Nissan's lorry near the Calais camp known as 'The Jungle' on Tuesday morning.

The migrants were inside the lorry for about 10 minutes before French police came and removed them.

Nissan is now at the park and has joined other bears 15-year-old Victor and two-year-old Pixel in the park's Project Polar reserve.

A spokesman said: "He's absolutely fine. He appears to be settling in well with Victor and Pixel."

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