U.K. Expels Five Libyan Diplomats for Supporting Qaddafi

Five Libyan diplomats have been expelled from the U.K., as Prime Minister David Cameron reveals that Britain has not ruled out arming rebels fighting against Colonel Qaddafi's troops.

Foreign Secretary William Hague said if the diplomats remained in the country they could pose a threat to security.

Sky sources say the five are regarded as the strongest supporters of the Libyan regime within the embassy.

Speaking in the House of Commons during Prime Minister's Questions, Cameron said a decision had not yet been made on supplying anti-regime forces with weapons.

However, he added that United Nations resolutions "would not necessarily rule out the provision of assistance to those protecting civilians in certain circumstances."

His announcement comes after President Barack Obama made similar comments in a series of TV interviews.

Obama said the noose has tightened around the leader but diplomatic and political pressure needs to be intensified further.

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