Turkey recalls ambassadors to US, Israel over embassy move

The Turkish government has recalled its ambassadors to the U.S. and Israel for "consultations," officials told Fox News Monday.

The recalls were confirmed hours after the U.S. opened its new embassy in Jerusalem amid deadly rioting in Gaza and amid criticism by the Ankara government.

The State Department did not immediately respond to requests for comment by Fox News. A spokesperson for Israel's Foreign Ministry said it had not received any official notice from Turkey.

Earlier Monday, Turkey's Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement in which it "strongly condemn[s]" the embassy move, saying it violates "international law and all relevant [United Nations] resolutions.

"We emphasize that sucha step which disregards the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people will not serve peace, security and stability in the region," the statement added. "Neither regional nor global peace and stability will be viable unless the Palestinian question is settled through a lasting and just solution and unfair treatments towards Palestinian people cease."

The Turkish government also called for three days of mourning for Palestinians killed in violence on the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip and accused Israeli forces of carrying out "state terror."

Gaza's health ministry said that at least 52 Palestinians had been killed and more than 2,000 Palestinians had been injured.

Two U.S. defense officials told Fox News Monday that "dozens" of additional Marines will temporarily be deployed to beef up security at Washington's embassies in Israel, Jordan and Turkey. The officials said that other Marine response teams are positioned offshore on board the USS Iwo Jima.

Fox News' Nick Kalman, Rich Edson, Thomas Ferraro, Lucas Tomlinson and The Associated Press contributed to this report.