Tarantino to head Venice film festival jury, cited as major creative force in cinema

MILAN (AP) — The Venice Film Festival says Quentin Tarantino will head the jury that will award the coveted Golden Lion at this year's festival.

The festival called the director "one of the major creative figures in contemporary cinema" in an announcement of his appointment on Thursday. It runs from Sept. 1-10.

The festival cited Tarantino's highly original filmmaking style, work as a character actor in such moves as 'Sukiyaki Western Django," films that have launched and relaunched acting careers and his dedication to young filmmakers in his work as a producer.

Tarantino has directed such films as "Inglourious Basterds," ''Pulp Fiction" and "Kill Bill."

The festival says Tarantino is "perhaps the only American auteur to be adored world wide like a rock star."