Syrian refugee arrested in machete murder in Germany

A 21-year-old Syrian refugee is accused of using a machete to kill a woman and injure two other people in Germany on Sunday, Reuters reported, citing police.

The man was arrested after the attack, which occurred in the southwestern city of Reutlingen, according to German media.

The alleged assailant, whose name has not yet been disclosed, was known to police from a previous incident in which people were injured, a police spokesperson said.

Investigators believe the man acted alone.

"There is no danger to anyone else at this time," he told Reuters.

The Bild newspaper reported the woman who was killed worked at the kebab stand near the bus station where the confrontation took place.

Authorities had yet to disclose a motive for the incident, BILD and the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspapers reported.

The attack comes as Germany is on edge, following a rampage at a Munich mall on Friday night in which nine people were killed, and an ax attack on a train a week ago that left five wounded.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.