Spain: Podemos party rules out coalition deal with 2 parties

Spain's far-left Podemos party says 88 percent of its members have rejected joining with the Socialists and the business friendly Ciudadanos party for a coalition government and ending four months of political paralysis.

Podemos tweeted Monday that the proposed deal was rejected by the nearly 150,000 members who voted.

The Socialists and Ciudadanos have a government formation deal but lack parliamentary support Podemos could have delivered.

Podemos leaders rejected an alliance including Ciudadanos, saying it would not bring about political change.

Spaniards enraged with high unemployment, corruption cases and austerity ended the nation's traditional two-party system in a Dec. 20 election.

The conservative Popular Party came in first but short of its 2011-2015 parliamentary majority.

The Socialists were second and newcomers Podemos and Ciudadanos took third and fourth.