Senegal bans burqas as fears of Boko Haram suicide bombers mount in moderate Muslim country

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The West African nation of Senegal says it's banning the most conservative Islamic apparel worn by women.

The move announced Tuesday by Interior Minister Abdoulaye Daouda prohibits women from wearing burqas where only their eyes can be seen.

It comes as Senegal confronts the growing risk of the Islamic extremists of Boko Haram. Already four imams accused of links to the Nigeria-based insurgent group have been arrested.

Daouda says the law is not anti-Islamic as Senegal is a Muslim majority nation. Instead he says it's a question of national security.

Boko Haram has used suicide bombers hiding their explosives beneath loose clothing to carry out scores of attacks. The nation of Chad also banned the burqa in the wake of jihadist violence within its borders.