Saudi Arabian woman arrested after hugging singer on stage, reports say

A Saudi Arabian woman was reportedly arrested in the Kingdom on Saturday after storming the stage to hug Saudi superstar Majid al-Mohandis during a festival performance.

Videos posted to social media show the woman darting across the stage in Taif, Saudi Arabia and security quickly peeling the woman off al-Mohandis, according to the BBC.

A prosecutor is now considering charging the woman, police told Saudi media. Women in Saudi Arabia are prohibited from being in public with men who they aren’t married to.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman, however, has eased some restrictions regarding women during the last year. Women in Saudi Arabia were allowed to attend a concert and a soccer match on the same weekend in January and were given permission to drive cars just last month.

The unidentified woman could face up to two years in jail if convicted of any harassment charges, according to The Daily Mail.

Al-Mohandis didn’t comment on the incident. Instead, he thanked the crowd for being “wonderful.”