'Sandy Supermodel' Nana Gouvea Sparks Outrage for Photo Shoot

As New York City tries to recover from superstorm Sandy, one model is using the wreckage as an opportunity for a photo shoot.

The New York Post is reporting that Manhattan resident Nana Gouvêa, who reportedly appeared in Brazilian Playboy, posed on top of crushed cars, debris-covered streets and fallen trees after the hurricane caused havoc in the city.

The photos, which were allegedly taken by husband Carols Ketes, were posted on her Facebook profile, under an album titled, “Hurricane Sandy!!! Furacao Sandy!!!.”

The images soon went viral online, sparking outcry from many viewers stating that the photos were distasteful during the midst of an ongoing tragedy.

The Facebook page “Nana Gouvêa in Disasters,” was soon set up, mocking the model. Already it has more than 3,000 likes.

In addition, the Tumblr page “Nana Gouvêa em desastres,” was created featuring Photoshopped images of Gouvêa in actual tragic events, including the Hindenburg disaster and the 2011 earthquake in Japan, among others.

“In the wake of a natural disaster, lots of people will be distraught,” said Gawker in their article “A Guide to Posing for Glamour Shots in the Aftermath of a Devastating Natural Disaster, ” taunting Gouvêa.

"Maybe they’ve been without power for days, maybe they haven’t been able to check in with family members, maybe they even know someone who’s lost his or her life. What they need now is an image of hope, defiant in the face of tragedy. On September 11th, it was firefighters raising the flag above the rubble of the World Trade Center. Maybe now it’s you, striking a fierce diva pose in front of a Budget rental truck.”

The New York Post is also reporting Gouvêa spoke to online magazine EGO, explaining “she loves hurricanes because they give her an opportunity to spend time with her husband.”

Gouvêa has not publicly responded to the the online outcry towards her ill-timed shoot.

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