Rio de Janeiro zoo animals devour icy treats like 'meat-sicles' amid summer heatwave

Rio de Janeiro is suffering from summer temperatures in the triple digits — but residents at the city's zoo have won a little relief with icy treats.

With the heat index hitting 115 F, keepers at Rio's zoo on Tuesday tossed 66-pound (30-kilo) bucket-sized "meat-sicles" at Siberian tigers as they swam about in a pool.

Brown bears won giant blocks of iced watermelon, papayas and grapes. Monkeys delicately nibbled at their own frozen treats — all the while staring at children visitors themselves cooling down with ice cream.

Zoologist Carla Cunha says the animals often get the icy treats in the heat, noting they motivate the creatures to move around their cages despite the temperatures.

The treats will keep coming as there is no end in sight for Rio's heatwave.