Renzi: Italy to do its part if signs of IS attacks in Libya

Premier Matteo Renzi says Italy will do its part in a U.S.-led-coalition to thwart any terrorist attacks by Islamic State group extremists in Libya.

Renzi said in an interview Tuesday on Italian radio station Rtl 102.5 Italy would act "fully in synch" with U.S. and other allies. Rome has long insisted any coalition air strikes against extremists in the north African nation across the sea from Italy be requested by a unity government there. But diplomacy so far has failed to unite Libya's squabbling factions.

Renzi says if there's evidence that "some attackers, suicide bombers are planning" terror attacks, Italy will do its part in the coalition.

He didn't elaborate on Italy's role. Italy says it will allow U.S. armed drones to take off from Sicily for defensive missions only.