Private funds help Danish scouts buy artificial island with ancient fortification

Danish scouts say they have bought an island off Copenhagen featuring a 19th century fortification with the help of two private funds .

David Hansen, head of the Danish Guide and Scout Association, says they acquired the 70,000 square-meter (750,000 square-foot) artificial island for 16.4 million kroner ($2.5 million).

Hansen says the scouts will start using the Middelgrundsfort later this year for scout activities after they have revamped the buildings. The island is from 1894 and was once part of Copenhagen's seaside defenses. The fortification has more than 3 kilometers (2 miles) of corridors and the island was a closed military area until 1982. It was sold to private investors in 2002.

Hansen said Thursday nonprofit, charitable funds donated 20 million kroner ($3 million).