Opposition party keen on tapping underground resources wins Greenland elections

An opposition centrist party that favors tapping Greenland's underground mineral wealth appears poised to win the Arctic country's parliamentary election.

With some three-fourths of the votes counted, incumbent Premier Kuupik Kleist has conceded defeat in the battle for control of the 31-seat Parliament.

A preliminary vote count early Wednesday showed Aleqa Hammond's centrist Siumut party winning nearly 43 percent of the votes, while Kleist's left-leaning Inuit Ataqatigiit mustered only 30 percent.

Hammond would become Greenland's first female head of government if she is able to form a coalition.

Many Greenlanders want to use the island's mineral resources, including uranium, as a way to reduce dependency on Denmark. Developing a mining industry, however, would require inviting thousands of guest workers, a sensitive topic among the population of 57,000.