Officials in Peru's capital seize 'unsanitary' potions during raids on 8 shaman shops

Authorities in Peru's capital say they've seized a haul of potions and elixirs that are more likely to bring infections than love or money.

Lima enforcement official Alejandro Salas says the purported "magic" liquids confiscated Wednesday in a raid on eight shaman shops just blocks from the presidential palace are of dubious origin and unsanitary.

Health officials say some of the "eternal love potion" bottles, "anti-envy" powder packets and revenge brews contained fungus.

City pharmaceutical chemist Andrea Ochante says that rather than inspiring love, the concoctions are more likely to end up causing infections.

Salas says the shop owners will be prosecuted for public health crimes.

Officials also seized G-strings and other skimpy undergarments that shamans allegedly required female clients to wear in order to work their magic.