No date set for Charlie Hebdo's next issue as team members who survived massacre take rest

There will be no Charlie Hebdo at newsstands this week.

The satirical French weekly decimated by a Jan. 7 newsroom massacre by two Muslim radical brothers printed about 7 million copies of its first post-attack issue. The website of the paper that has spoofed Islam's prophet says the next "rendezvous" is in the coming weeks.

Michel Salion, speaking for the paper, said Saturday a publication date wasn't set — but assured "there will be a future" for Charlie Hebdo.

The surviving team members are resting after burying their colleagues, he said.

The massacre, the first of three attacks that killed 17, spawned the slogan "I Am Charlie" for media and other freedoms.

The post-attack issue on Jan. 14 featured a cartoon of the prophet holding an "I Am Charlie" sign.