New York City Police Destroy Fruit, Vegetable Stands In Washington Heights Raid

Police and sanitation workers threw out entire tablefuls of fruit and vegetables that were being sold by Washington Heights street vendors, in New York City, during a raid targeting sellers without permits, Gothamist reports.

According to Sean Valenti, who was a witness of the incident, the raid happened Tuesday on St. Nicholas Avenue between West 180th and 181st streets around 5 p.m. Vendors in the area have been busted in the past for illegally selling produce, but the NYPD could not confirm the reason for the latest raid.

"They really do crowd the streets and they just leave all the fruit they don't sell in the street to rot. Very smelly," Valenti said. "People were booing the NYPD and throwing trash at them," he said.

The NYPD press office did not comment on the raid.