Juan Williams Interviews Pat Buchanan on Fear of Latinos, Race and Being 'Blacklisted'

Former MSNBC commentator and host of CNN’s “Crossfire,” Pat Buchanan has never shied away from a discussion. But when his new book came out and he extensively talked about race and the shifting culture of America, MSNBC decided to part ways.

In a Fox News Latino exclusive, Juan Williams interviews Buchanan about his recent firing from MSNBC, his controversial new book “Suicide Of A Superpower” and race in America.  In this unedited sit down, Buchanan explains the passages of his book that many critics blasted as homophobic, anti-Semitic and racist. He also talks about the organizations that worked to get him fired and how they’re affecting free speech.

On Getting Canned over Free Speech

In the clip, Williams and Buchanan discuss the media-monitoring groups that were responsible for both men losing their respective jobs and what they’re doing to free speech.

Afraid of Latinos?

In this clip, Williams asks Buchanan about his controversial assertion that “Mexico is moving North.”  Williams asks Buchanan if he’s afraid of Latinos.

Are You a Racist?

In this clip, Williams asks Buchanan if he’s a racist  because of the controversial views he expresses in his latest book.

Watch The Full, Unedited Interview Below:

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