In Lithuania, people rally after rescue dog is slain

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Dozens of people are protesting in a small Lithuanian village against the slaying of a dog that police say an elderly couple adopted, tortured and then killed.

Protesters with banners and a painted portrait of the dog named Moby shouted "Murderers!" as they gathered outside the suspects' house, where the 3-year-old male of mixed breed reportedly was killed last week.

The couple, who was not named, was charged with animal cruelty. Their lawyer was not available Saturday for comment.

Ilma Germaniene, head of the shelter where Moby was placed Dec. 4 after his owner died, said Saturday's rally was "to make sure no more dogs will be slaughtered."

Moby was adopted in mid-January from the shelter in Sventupe, a village 80 kilometers (50 miles) north of Vilnius, the capital.