Head of Egypt aviation company says president's son applied for job starting at $133 per month

The head of Egypt's holding company for airports and aviation says President Mohammed Morsi's son has applied for a job that pays $133 a month starting salary.

Captain Magdi Abdel-Hadi dismissed accusations of nepotism and denied reports that the starting monthly salary would be $5,000. He said Saturday that Omar Morsi went through regular procedures to apply for the internally advertised job, including passing English and computer exams.

He says the president's son is still being evaluated for the position, which pays 900 Egyptian pounds, roughly $133 a month. Abdel-Hadi says after six months, salaries rise to some 1,200 pounds, or $180 a month.

The $5,000 figure is unheard of for new graduates in Egypt, where the starting salary for a government job can be as low as $75.