Haitians trek to sacred waterfalls in annual festival

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Some carrying candles or calabash bowls with offerings, tens of thousands of Haitians have made a pilgrimage to bathe in sacred waterfalls.

A mix of Voodoo and Christian faithful along with a cohort of young, hard-partying revelers gathered Saturday in the rushing waters of Saut d'Eau, where they scrubbed their bodies with aromatic leaves and soap.

They're praying for everything from winning lottery numbers to a good harvest and an end to Haiti's chronic political dysfunction. It was final day of this year's annual three-day festival.

Haitian-American Andrea Bellevue made the trek from Boston. The social worker says she came to the falls seeking help by praying to Erzulie, a spirit god of love.

In the nearby town, pilgrims converged on the local church to pray to the Virgin Mary.