Former coup leader Desi Bouterse inaugurated for 2nd consecutive term as Suriname's president

Former coup leader and convicted drug trafficker Desi Bouterse has been inaugurated for a second consecutive term as Suriname's democratically elected president.

After being sworn in Wednesday, Bouterse pledged to restructure the South American country's struggling economy away from its dependence on commodities like gold and bauxite.

Bouterse led his National Democratic Party to victory in May elections, but fell short of the required 34-seat majority to automatically be re-elected as president.

Last month, Parliament gave him a second term without a vote since there was no opposition.

Bouterse first came to power in 1980, when he led a military coup. He led another coup in 1990, three years after allowing the return to civilian rule.

In 1999, he was convicted in absentia in the Netherlands on drug trafficking charges.