Florida's New Texting And Driving Law To Go Into Effect ... With Typos?

It's almost time to stash away cell phones. Florida's texting and driving law goes into effect on Tuesday.

The law's goal is simple: to keep Florida's roads safe. But some argue the new texting law has some typos. Texting alone won't get you pulled over. It's a secondary offense.

Drivers have to be in violation of another law first, like speeding.

Not every function on your phone is forbidden. Drivers can still use phones for music, navigation apps, or to pick up a call.

The law also states you can still text or email when you're stopped at a red light.

Drivers' first texting and driving violation will result in a $30 fine. Each texting ticket after that counts as a moving violation, so it can increase your insurance premium and add points to your drivers license.

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